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BMW M5 E60 Sedan

By Arthur Grig / Vehiclefsbo.com Send Arthur an e-mail

When BMW puts out a new car they have very high standards to live up to. With the BMW M5 E60 it is no different. The old series BMW M5 has been one of the most popular and fastest sedans out there. What the makers of the new BMW M5 E60 did was they added more BHP, tightened up their award winning suspension and away you go. You get a total of 501 BHP, with just under 600 ft/lb. of torque.

Inside though, you will be amazed at the luxurious interior, Navigation, heated seat front and back, and while you are looking at the dash and its extreme technology you won't notice that you are doing 100 MPH, yet it feels like your just strolling down the neighborhood and 20 MPH. That is exactly what the BMW M5 E60 is all about comfort and power without any kind of sacrifice.

But, there are a couple of signs that indeed this is a complicated BMW like all the others. You have to be Bill Gates to use that complicated on-board computer, and truthfully this car is quite ugly. It doesn't have that uniqueness that MOST BMW's have, but not this one, it's just plain.

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