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Cadillac CTS Coupe

By Arthur Grig / Vehiclefsbo.com Send Arthur an e-mail

Have you ever had a dream about a car? Because i have, and finally my dream came true, and it is the Cadillac CTS Coupe. Not only is it probably one of the most beautiful cars ever produced but also one of the fastest Cadillacs out there. When you first drive it you will be nervous, not because it costs like a new apartment and not because it's new, It's like a first date with a new girl, you've done it before yet, you are still nervous.

Well, after the butterflies fly out of you stomach and out the window, you realize the real fun that the Cadillac CTS Coupe has to give, and believe me it has a lot to offer, if driving in regular traffic the engine doesn't use a bunch of power and not even all of the cylinders, but just enough to drive you safely and as much gas consuming as possible. But as soon as you foot hits the gas in a matter a one hundredths of a second the engine starts the rest of the cylinders, lowers the suspension and down shifts the gearbox, so that you can hit 60 in just 3 seconds! Yes i said it correctly 3 seconds.

So, this crazy Cadillac speed demon is said to be the new era of American Muscle cars. But is it really?
Because the engine is German as is the gearbox, the interior is designed and made my Italy and the amazing suspension is made by LOTUS. It doesn't seem so american now though. Basically they took a Benz SL 55 and put a Cadillac shell on it and made some adjustments to make it faster, and honestly it worked brilliantly.

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