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Dodge Challenger

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So you are in the market for a fast, rear-wheel drive, big engine muscle car. You see the amazing old/new school Ford Mustang GT. But, it just doesn't have that full on rough muscle car old school feel to it. Then you come across the simple and powerful Pontiac GTO, yes it does have all the characteristics of a pedigree muscle car, but to be quite honest it looks like a 2dr Honda or Toyota, which is just silly to get because all of your friends will just laugh at you ever though you most likely beat them in a race. You think to yourself wow nothing out there for a true car junkie. But wait, you see it, it's magnificent, beautiful long hood, racing lines going down the middle, and it looks almost identical to the original Dodge Challenger.

Out of the three the Challenger is the obvious choice. It has the biggest engines that you can get. The wise engine choice would be the 5.7L V8 but, if you are truly a dare-devil you would get 8.4L V10 drag engine. Not only will that annihilate the other, the Dodge Challenger will make a big statement that its not a force to be played with.

Inside Dodge kept to it's roots of keeping it simple, with a couple of modern additions that just put the icing on the cake. With all this good stuff there is only one true drawback, you can only get this car in auto which is not the smartest thing ever, but hey can't have everything perfect.

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