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Mitsubishi Evolution X

By Arthur Grig / Vehiclefsbo.com Send Arthur an e-mail

For many years now there has been an ongoing rivalry between two of the best rally cars ever made. The extremely agile Mitsubishi Evolution and the close to perfect Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Since this great battle of the rallies began the WRX STI was the considered the likely choice for rallying. The small 2.0L V4 engine with a Turbo along with AWD made the Impreza a great rally champion. But, not for long, first to hit the streets was the new Mitsubishi Evolution X.

Unlike the old EVO as we got to know it, the new one is faster lighter and lets be honest much better looking and unlike the old one you don't look like you are trying to pretend to be 18 years old. It looks as a type of mature way of going fast and not spending on a Porsche 911, and why would you, in a race the EVO X turns the Porsche into German sausages.

Well, Subaru also had a go at a new rally car and their answer to this high powered EVO X is the new Impreza WRX STI. Which hurts me to say was not as good as the other before it. The clutch it rock hard and you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what all those buttons stand for. But most of all it is incredibly ugly. It looks like a car my mother would drive, and trust me i wouldn't drive it after her. What a disappointment. But the Mitsubishi Evolution X is the right choice for this type of car.

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