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Toyota FJ Cruiser

By Arthur Grig / Vehiclefsbo.com Send Arthur an e-mail

For years and years Toyota has been putting out a bunch of very reliable and extremely low price autos. But, for some reason that no one is sure of they never put out a true off-roader like for instance the classic Land Rover Discovery that is known for being very cold-hearted to nature, in a good way and surprisingly the Hummer H2 which is like going in the mud in really nice new shoes but, you get sort of a cool sensation. So the point is nothing that Toyota put on the market was any good for any real off-roading. Until somebody in the Toyota family took the backroads to work and said hey, we need a true off-roader. Well what they came up with was the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Even from the first glance it simply outrageous, the big tire'd wheel, that roundish looking body and its a coupe...and I love it. This car makes you feel different, like in a not part of the herd of sheep different. It stands out. But, the real question on everybody's mind is; How is it off-road? Well, I will be the first to admit, its magnificent.

The FJ Cruiser has a 4 liter V6, which is typically small for a full off-roader but, that is all compensated by being much lighter than all of the competitors. Inside you there is a ton of space for any outdoor activity, although you only get 3 seats in the back, yes not like the Toyota Sequoia but, I would take that car farther than my backyard. The Toyota FJ Cruiser, IS, indeed a true off-roader, it will take you anywhere and back safely and comfortably.

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