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Toyota Prius

By Arthur Grig / Vehiclefsbo.com Send Arthur an e-mail

There are not a lot of cars out there that are bad in every way possible, But the Toyota Prius is the winner, in the loser section. But this car is popular and everybody has one. It is all just a label, the truth is if you drive your Toyota Prius any more than 2000 RPMs it will was the same amount of gas as a BMW 5-Series, but you will drive in a German Engineered machine.

Comfort is something you really can't put a price on. In the Prius everything has a slow responds, it feels like the car has to think about it for a second and...go. The suspension is so hard it feels like it was made for a race car, but i needs to go fast for you to use it, which it doesn't.

Honestly for the 20+ thousand that this car cost with a navigation at least and I could think of at least 100 cars that can be bought for that price with one or two years on then. But the real fact of the matter here, is that no matter what reasonable car you drive, if you drive it right, you will save gas and less exhaust, for less pollution. It doesn't depend on the car, it depends on you, so drive a nice car.

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